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Brighten up your home this summer in four steps

Friday, 5 August 2016 16:27:00 Europe/London

With summer in full swing, adding pops of colour and fresh accessories is the perfect way of brightening up the home interior to reflect the warm weather. So sit back and take a look at our inspiration, and make sure that your home makes a stylish statement all summer long.


pinterest image summer home

*picture sourced from Pinterest

A printed rug


lattice rug 

 Lattice Rug

If your home is quite neutral, and you want it to stay that way, add a printed rug in a similar palette to the room for a subtle, but eye-catching look. Alternatively, why not add a bolder, graphic rug in a punchy color(such as our rope rug), to your living room for the ultimate summer look.

rope rug

Rope Rug

Add a little wicker

Add a wicker basket or two for a bright touch – wicker is a perfect summer material.

wicker basket

Large Round Log Basket


Add a little blue

Blue doesn’t necessarily have to be a winter colour. Why not add a couple of blue stools to the kitchen for a pop of colour, or add a touch of colour to your interior woodwork?

blue phobos stool

 Blue Phobos Stool

 farrow and ball blues

Farrow & Ball Paint

Add vibrant accessories

Colourful accessories such as striking cushions add that splash of colour that can make any room seem a little brighter. We love the colourful prints and patterns of our Saaga Uni Mohair Throw Collection & Corona collection.


throws and cushions

Love Kelly x









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July Gardening Inspiration

Friday, 1 July 2016 10:00:00 Europe/London

As it reaches the height of summer, July is often one of the hottest months of the year, making it the perfect time to sit out and enjoy your garden that you work so hard to keep in order. Therefore it’s important to keep plants looking their best by regularly dead-heading, and as a result, you will enjoy a longer display of blooms.

So make sure you keep any new plants well hydrated, and hoe off any appearing weeds, which thrive in the sunshine. Water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often - this encourages plants to put down roots in search of water rather than coming up to the surface


herb marker sticks 


Top July Gardening Tips

  • Pick your courgettes before they become marrows
  • Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed, especially if it was not given a spring feed
  • Flowers that are coming to their end should be removed, as this may with some varieties encourage further flowering.
  • Transplant seedlings of winter/spring flowering plants into seed trays or small pots.
  • Baskets and containers can dry out quickly in warm, sunny conditions and may need watering twice a day. Feed regularly to promote flowering.
  • Beetroot and other crops can be harvested while they are young and tender.
  • Remove side shoots on tomatoes and stop the plants when 4-5 trusses have been produced. Feed regularly with a high potash liquid fertiliser.
  • Herbs such as thyme and sage produce fresh healthy new stems, which if cuttings are taken will quickly root.
  • Prune established plums and apricots.
  • Remember that with the warmer weather your potted plants, especially those in the greenhouse, will more than likely require a daily watering. They should also be given a feed, whether in the form of a full strength one which would be required once a fortnight or a diluted one on a more regular basis.


Love Kelly x




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How to freshen up your home with cushions

Friday, 17 June 2016 12:28:00 Europe/London

Cushions are the practical and decorative way to spice up your home, without having to decorate. They can add instant warmth to a scheme, simply because we associate them with comfort. Cushions are also the perfect way of integrating bold patterns and colours to a scheme for those who are not brave enough for the colourful wall, or neutralising a colourful room or sofa.

update your home with cushions 

Pink Eva Design Cushion

If you’re opting for cushions as a means to update your home, then this is the ideal opportunity to experiment with patterns, colours and designs may otherwise be outside of your comfort zone. If you change your mind – it doesn’t matter, because there’s no need to strip and repaint your walls!

new cushions and throws 

TIP: opt for soemthing slightly bolder, or more colourful than you may normally choose! It's summer after all, and cushions are easier to swap out than painted walls!

flamingo cushion

Jessica Russell Flint Flamingo Bobble Cushion

Cushions are also the perfect option for integrating a theme into the home. The versitility and ease of swapping cushions in and out means that you can easily change the theme of any room, simply by adding a few matching home accessories - for example a lamp shade, or throw.

hare capers

Hare Capers cushion & shade

TIP: match 2 to 3 accessories in a room to create a subtle theme.

Sofas, chairs and armchairs aren’t the only place to fit cushions around your house either – don’t forget about the bed! Either throw a cluster of mismatched, colourful cushions together on the bed to really stand out, or stick to a plain and simple colour to keep the room sophisticated.

chesck cushion group  

Grey Checked Cushions

TIP: grouped cushions are ideal for adding a little extra something to the home living room, or bedroom.

Although summer is here, the weather has left much to be desired of those summer days spent outdoors, enjoying the sun – instead we’ve just had rain! So when you’re entertaining, or have the family round, why not opt for large cushions that can be popped on the floor?

 pulu cushions

 Pulu Cushion


 How do you style cushions in your home?



Love Kelly x








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Cornforth White Inspiration

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 09:14:16 Europe/London

Our colour of the week is Farrow & Ball's No. 228, Cornforth White. Cornforth White is the mid tone in the group of Easy Neutrals which are totally understated and extremely versatile. It is the perfect colour for the walls in the home where you want to avoid a white or magnolia, but still remain neutral, as it certainly adds a little edge.

farrow and ball cornforth white

Less grey and gritty than Pavilion Gray and without the perceived warmth of Elephant's Breath, it sits perfectly between Ammonite and Purbeck Stone with which it can be used in any combination.

farrow and ball cornforth white


We love Cornforth White for upcycling and paiting furniture, and in kitchens.


farrow and ball cornforth white


TIP: Cornforth White looks great when paired with Wevet and Ammonite, or for a bolder look, pair Cornforth White with Mole's Breath and Purbeck Stone.


Love Kelly x

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June Gardening Inspiration

Saturday, 4 June 2016 12:30:40 Europe/London

It’s that time of the month again when we love to talk about gardening! Now that it’s June, and the sun is well and truly shining, what better time is there than to get outside into the garden.


kew garden gloves 

Kew Garden Gloves

Along with all the flourish and splendour that June offers, you also have to think about the fact that those nasty little weeds are thriving too. So make sure that you keep on top of the situation - hoe on warm days and then leave them on the surface to wither and die in the sun.

Another constant task that the time of year offers is deadheading - remove the spent flowers from all of your plants, and make sure you feed them occasionally with liquid feed.

Watering is of course an essential matter once the weather is drier and warmer - water your plants thoroughly once or twice a week rather than just watering little and often - this will encourage plants to put down roots in search of water rather than coming up to the surface.

gardening tools 

Top June Gardening Tips

  • Pinch outside shoots on tomatoes
  • Harvest your lettuces, radishs, other salads and early potatoes
  • Position summer hanging baskets and containers outside – make sure these are watered on a daily basis
  • Mow lawns at least once a week
  • Stake any of your tall or floppy plants
  • Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and to prevent any scorching



You can shop our gardening goodies online here today!


Love, Kelly x

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April Gardening Inspiration

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 13:38:23 Europe/London

The sun is shining, and spring is evident everywhere we go. With daffodils dotted around, and the trees filled with blossom, it’s now time for you to update your garden toolkits, and start sowing your seeds in your own garden.


Whether you have a small garden, or a large one, everyone needs the basic tools to start with in the garden. We’ve linked some of our favourite basic tools that’ll help you get started!


gardening tools


 Oval Trough: from £4.50 |  Scissors £19.50 |  Herb Name Sticks £2.95 |  Kew Gloves £24.00

gardening gloves 

Here are some of our tips for keeping on top of your gardens this April


  1. Keep your weeds under control before summer arrives
  2. Make sure you protect fruit blossom from late frosts – April is still a little chilly!
  3. Tie in climbing and rambling roses before they get out of control
  4. Sow hardy annuals and herb seeds
  5. Increase the water given to houseplants, now that it is getting warmer
  6. Sow new lawns or repair bare patches that have died over the winter


Your must-have seeds to sow: peas, broad beans, brassicas, leeks, root veg, spinach, chicory, Swiss chard, salad and hardy herbs, such as parsley, coriander and basil. Sunflowers are also ideal for sowing this month.


Gardening Idea: Why not plant your herbs in groups of two or three, and leave either on the kitchen windowsill, or outside. Our rustic-style pots in baskets are the perfect option for planting your herbs!

 mixed plant pot


Until next time,






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Add floral décor into your home in a simple and subtle way

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 14:34:47 Europe/London

As spring begins to blossom outside, it’s natural to want to bring a little of that beauty indoors. However, fresh-cut arrangements aren’t your only option for adding flowers into your home. You can add floral designs to the home in a simple and subtle manner, to avoid turning your home into your own personal florist.


rose spray

Give your home a botanical boost without appearing too overwhelming by placing a standout floral item in each room, or a couple of smaller and subtler items to create a focal point.


For example, in your bedroom swap out your thick, knitted winter blanket, for a lighter floral throw, and contrast with the white sheets - add a matching lampshade to your bedside table for a subtle and elegant pairing. In the kitchen, place a small pastel coloured pot with a few neutral artificial stems on the windowsill, and never worry about the maintenance of real. For those wanting to remain slightly more neutral, replace the pastel with a grey or white pot.

floral accessories


If you’re wanting a bolder floral display, a large vase, full of artificial flowers are perfect for placing in the hallway, or next to the front door. Adorn your guests with a combination of pink roses and eucalyptus spray, for the beautiful balance of greenery and colour.


artificial flowers

For the living room, why not add a floral style cushion or two to your sofa, contrasted against two neutral-coloured cushions, such as grey or white. For those who are not so keen on cushions, and those who want an added touch, floral scented candles are the ideal addition for infusing your home, and your senses with the smell of spring & summer.

floral cushion

For those wanting to go a step further and redecorate, why not opt for softer colours, such as light pinks and greys to create a softness that you can contrast simply against your floral accessories, or even a Farrow & Ball floral-style wallpaper.


 Farrow and ball

You may not have considered florals as a design option for your home, but there is far more to floral decor than meets the eye – whether it’s pretty pastels or understated and neutral, floral interiors can be surprisingly diverse, and that’s why we think you should add a floral touch to your home this spring.


Until next time,





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Accessorise your home with some poochy pieces

Friday, 8 April 2016 11:52:30 Europe/London

Dog owners - why not show your love for your poochy pal, by placing some pet-loving accessories into your home this spring. You may think that it may be a little 'over the top' filling your home with doggie accessories; however, this can be done in a simple, stylish and subtle manner!

dog lover


Why not style your living room or bedroom with just an individual poochy cushion to go alongside some plainer cushions, or a simple pooch tea towel, or some poochy mugs for the kitchen. Book lover? Then some doggie book ends are a lovely, yet subtle option.

dog lover

Why not go a step further, and treat your pooch to the matching collar on your mugs?

pooch owner


Until next time,






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Get the Look: Spring Yellow & Green Inspiration #1

Thursday, 31 March 2016 15:36:22 Europe/London

Get the Look: Spring Yellow & Green Home Inspiration

Posted in Home Inspiration By Kelly Hunter

Update your Outdoor Dining Setting this Summer

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 15:24:32 Europe/London

The weather is certainly warming up, and with the clocks having moved forward, summer is well and truly on its way. So why not stay ahead of the game, and get summer ready with a little update to your garden furniture.


The quirky Phobos slatted table and chairs are perfectly stylish, and ideal for adding a modern and contemporary twist to your exterior setting. Available in a red or graphite, and finished with stylish wooden slats, this table is ideal for your outdoor dining and BBQs during the summer months.

phobos table and chair


phobos slatted chair


For added comfort, team the Phobos Slatted Chairs with our Medee Chair Cushions - available in burgundy & ink, they're the perfect match and definitely add a touch of style to the set-up.


medee chair cushion


If you're a lover of sitting in the garden, and soaking up the sun all day long, you'll definitely be needing maximum comfort! The Hellsink Tiger Chairis definitely the perfect option for you. It's dark brown, woven and rattan style seat is incredibly on trend for 2016, and would make the perfect addition to your garden alongside the modern or contemporary home.


hellsink tiger chair


If the rattan-style isn't quite for you, and you're after something a little more simple, but still maximum comfort, then the Tatami Chairs definitely for you. The traditional Japanese-style chairs are a stylish, and comfortable addition to your garden dining area. The lattice pattern, and tub-like shape means that comfort is at it's maximum with this chair, making it ideal to sit in while the sun is shining during the summer months!


tatami chair

 Make sure you get summer ready today, and shop our outdoor furniture today!


Until next time,





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