Some furniture designs stand the test of time: the Chesterfield sofa, the Eames chair, or the simple loop back dining chair. These are the pieces of classical furniture never go out of style and can make any house a home. We’ve listed the five pieces of furniture that no home should be without. Invest in one of the following and they will pay for themselves in comfort and style.

A big leather armchair

A great quality armchair made with real leather will only get better with age. Place it beside your bookshelf for an academic vibe, or contrast with brightly coloured contemporary furniture to create a statement look. Keep your leather in tip top condition by keeping it away from direct sunlight and cleaning it with a dry cloth only.

Loop back dining chairs

Many people spend big on a dining table only to scrimp on the chairs, when really it should be the other way around. Your dining table will generally be covered with food or a tablecloth, but your chairs will always be seen. Choose a classic loop back dining chair for a simple yet elegant look.

A Chesterfield sofa

Designer furniture fads come and go, but the Chesterfield sofa endures. The stud button detailing has become iconic, and the leather versions are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Choose a neutral colour so you can keep this sofa throughout redecorations, renovations and relocations.

A multi-functional coffee table

Coffee tables are at the epicentre of any living area, yet they are all too often used as a dumping ground for old newspapers, empty coffee cups, remote controls and various bric-a-brac. The new generation of multi-functional coffee tables offer storage space, shelving and compartmenting, turning a piece of classical furniture into a multi-purpose must have.

Stylish storage solutions

Mess is unavoidable, but it can be contained. Search for a storage cube or ottoman where you can conceal your odds and ends without compromising on style. Where possible, opt for furniture with in-built storage, so that you always have a place to keep spare bedding, and other bits and pieces.