Summer is in full swing and we decided to dedicate this week’s blog post on bringing you some fresh and innovative ideas for home design and decoration, inspired by the season. We’ve gathered some interior design tips and a few of our favourite items to help you transform your living space.

chair green


Using home accessories to update your living space is a smart way to bring some light into your home. Try using different materials and styles to create an individualised look.




Our simple and stylish fern tea candle holders are a must-have home accessory.  





These aqua-inspired throws and cushions can add a further touch of colour to your sofa or bed. Or maybe pop them on your favourite armchair for maximising its comfort.





Contrasting furniture and décor is a simple but effective way of creating the desired ambiance, as the added item would pop out due to eye-catching colours. A great example of this is the dazzling bright colours on this lamp, which contrast the dark shade of the furniture.






To bring your home decoration a step further to a nature-inspired look, add lots of plants. Plant decoration sure makes a living space more comfortable and breathable.



And while we’re on the subject of plant decoration, terrariums are having a major moment in home style and decoration. They are miniature gardens created under glass and there are ways in which you can plant your own terrarium.



. Here are some guidelines on how to do this:


Terrarium Guide






If you’re feeling colour-confident, why don’t you try updating your living room walls or kitchen cabinets with the fabulous colour range from Farrow&Ball. Some of the colours are bold and bright for an extra-summer vibe.



Here are some suggestions:




Summer bedroom refreshed with Farrow and Ball Paint. This shade is Cromarty no.285, not too blue or grey, it is the perfect shade for a July bedroom, bringing a soft touch.


We love a twist on walls painting, like this one here.


TIP: Arsenic No. 214 looks great when paired up with Farrow&Ball’s Old White, hence the contrast in colours….




There is something almost defiant about using the botanic Studio Green on living room walls. This colour, reflecting nature, is ideal for modern rooms creating calm and serene feeling.





*Some of the images sourced from Pintrest