Located in the heart of Norwich city centre, our Lifestore attracts customers looking for anything. We have recently noticed that many of our customers come in looking for advice on gifts, and we are happy to always have something to offer. Thus, we decided to dedicate this blog post on GIFTS and gift ideas to help out everyone out there looking for a present, and make the process of picking out a gift a little less stressful. We have top picks suitable for any occasion: wedding gifts, birthdays and so on. So keep reading if you want to find out what you can give to someone important to you.


   Maybe it is the season, but we get quite a few customers coming in, looking for wedding gifts. We have heard the question ‘What do I get to someone that has everything?’. And the truth is we all go for something we consider useful – stay on the safe side and get them something for the home.


Something old, something new, something for-the-home

lantern, wedding gift, tea holders, gift

 When it comes to weddings, they mark the beggining of a new life in a new home that the couple would share together. We believe that getting home accessories for newly weds will give them a good start.


 lighting - lampshades and lamp stands



turntable, record player, gift, ideaA record player - ideal for all music lovers! This gift is guaranteed to be original as well as functional; it looks great as part of the interior and anyone that loves music would love to have it!


records, vinyl, gift idea, gift

Pair up with our remarkable collection of vinlys to go with the record player for a great combination!




gifts, match boxes


 No-fail gift for any occasion: match boxes.
 Pair up with a scented candle - imparting scent into the home,
while creating a relaxing ambience.
                      scented candle, gift


frames, gift, photography



A photo frame for displaying photography can be a thoughtful gift - great for the home and can work as a stylish statement to the interior.


And gift ideas for children: What makes chidlren's gifts easy to pick out is that they like anything you get them as lons as it is colourful!
gifts, gifts for children   gifts for children, treats, colour, kids, blocks

And last but not least – you can never go wrong with a gift voucher. Guaranteed to be giving someone you love something they will indeed like and use, is through giving them a gift voucher: that way, they can pick out the items they love and you would shine with the best alternative.

gift voucher, voucher


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