Adding cushions to your home décor is a wonderful way to bring texture, colour and a luxurious edge to an interior scheme. Here at Warings Lifestore we believe that you can never have too many cushions – it is the sense of comfort they bring to the place that makes them truly special. Thus, we have put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect type and colours of cushions for your space.


Generally speaking, interiors can be bold and confident, in terms of colour schemes and furnishings, or Scandi-inspired, featuring mainly neutral hues. So you can go either way with cushions, based on the basics of your interior.


            1. Colour co-ordination

TIP: Choose one colour and decorate with different tones of that colour.

One of the simplest ways to guarantee colour scheme perfection is to mix design but keep the colours of the cushions within the same palette. This rule is crucial to follow especially when using really bold colours; neutral base colour is easier to follow, but has the same unifying effect.

cushions, accessories, home, interior   cushions, accessories, home, interior


             2. Size and shape

Colour might seem like the most important feature of your cushions, but the truth is that size and shape will impact the overall look of your home just as much. For a uniform look, choose one of two shapes of cushions and create two symmetrical displays on either end of your sofa.


sofa, cushions


TIP: For a more relaxed and eclectic feel mix and match odd number of cushions in different shapes and sizes.

            3. Consider the season

TIP: This season neutral is trending – go with brown, beige and white hues.

Soft furnishings, and especially cushions, are fairly easy to chance, and are perfect for updating your space quickly. With autumn just around the corner, cushions can be the perfect way to reflect the changing of seasons – light coloured cushions, as well as warmer colours and textured materials are all great for autumn. Updating the range of cushions is a small change that will help you keep your room and design concept fresh and current.


cushions, accessories, home, interior   cushions, accessories, home, interior