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27 December 2017 | Post By: Warings At Home | Home Inspiration

Hi all! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and some well deserved time off!

Today we have shortlisted some of our MOST POPULAR items for 2017 - from soft furnishings and accessories, to furniture, made by us here in Norfolk!

1. Harlequin Lantern


harlquin jars


 The diamond facets on the glass send out an amazing pattern when in use. Simple twisted copper wire hanging loop add to the charm.


harlquin jars




2. Zinc Tea light candle House


cushions, accessories, home, interior


These zinc tea light candle houses will look perfect shimmering in the window. Nestle a tea light or small candle within them to make the windows glow like a true city in darkness. Line them across your window ledge to delight your neighbours and passers by, or place a solitary house on your fireplace to delicately light those long winter nights.




3. Pom Pom Throw


throws, blankets, for the home, home accessories, norwich


Light grey blanket with grey fur pom poms adorning the edge. Cosy and soft with a luxurious quality to it, this blanket is perfect for winter.




4. Garden Birds cushion in Brights


cushions, accessories, home, interior, norwich


The garden birds cushion is a must-have for the home, with this striking print fitting for the modern or country-style home. 




5. Penny Chair


furniture, warings, warings at home, bench, rustic


Placed in the office, hallway or dining area, there is something special about the Penny Chair, making it loved by all. Its simple, yet completely diverse style is what makes it stand out from our other chairs. The seat itself is cushioned, meaning that it extremely comfy, whilst its upholstery and dark wooden legs maintain Penny's elegance.




6. Kew Leather Gardening Gloves




The gloves have a beautiful distressed finish to the soft leather, making each pair slightly different, and finished with an embossed 'Kew' logo. Each pair is fully lined with a soft red material, making them ideal for autumn and winter use, as well as spring and summer.




7. LetMeSee Reading Glasses




These glasses have an innovative design, with flexible hinges and rubber touch.




8. Reading Room Scented Candle

candles, scneted candles, lavender, cosy, autumn, vibes


The Illumen's candles are generously imbued with fragrance oil - as high as the manufacturing process allows - the candles really will fragrance your home and illuminate the darkest of corners. The candle has a burn time of around 40 fragrant hours.



Shop the selection of our most popular items for 2017 on our website.






Pop of colour

27 July 2017 | Post By: Warings At Home | Home style Furniture Home Inspiration Farrow and Ball

Minimalistic interior design with a 1950s inspired twist

 Inspiration, colour pop, home interior, home design, living room, orange

When it comes to home interior design, people tend to choose natural or neutral-inspired colours for their homes, in order to achieve a sense of harmony and comfort. But adding a pop of colour to your home interior can be an interesting twist and a way to create a customized look. In the 1950s, home design trends revolved around the idea of colour pop with the use of primary colours in addition to neutral ones, which would work as an accent to the room, also known as kitsch trend. Inspired by comics, kitsch trend on its own nowadays might be considered excessive. It is in the recent years, that minimalistic-inspired interior began trending, featuring cold Scandinavian-inspired colours, such as grey, white and black. Yet, we believe that to achieve great balance, a combination between the 1950s kitsch trend and Scandinavian vibes can be right for any living space. The colour pop inspired by the 50s can work as a focal point and a bold accent to the otherwise neutral home look. We have gathered some examples on how to do this at your home.


As full stockists of Farrow&Ball, we have noticed that our customers prefer neutral shades for their living spaces, like Old White, Elephant’s Breath and Cabbage White. But in the range of 132 unmatched shades that Farrow&Ball offer, there are some confident and dazzling colours, which can be a great addition to the uniform colours.

Farrow&BallFarrow&Ball’s ‘industrial colours’ feature a warm Babouche yellow and Downpipe grey. Great combination, complementing shades and another dose of colour pop.


Farrow&Ball's range of dazzling bright colours are perfect for updating walls or furniture inspired by the 50s interior design trend.



Take inspiration from the main combinations of neutral and bright colours trending right now.

Black+White & Yellow


Black&White + Yellow

Being the colour of the sun, yellow is balancing this otherwise black and grey interior right. If you’re not feeling enough colour confident to paint a wall in bright yellow, accessorising is probably the safest option to try out new trends.


handsome grey and dazzling orange

grey, orange, farrow&ball, mirror, interior Charlotte's Locks, Farrow&ball, paint, orange

Our personal favourite, this combination is very subtle to the eye, but still exploiting the full potential of the twist that is pop of colour. For even better results, the orange can be even brighter, for a great bold look. Or why not paint your mirror in Farrow & Ball’s great colour, Charlotte’s locks – amazing colour to create a unique vibe.



classy & chic

This evidently eclectic design is a chic and efficient to re-create the nature of 50s inspired interior trend. Simple as it is, red contrasts any shade of grey (or even any colour), which makes it a go-to option for an easy change.

*Pictures sourced from Pintrest

Streaming from vintage inspired trends, anyone can afford to be bold with some dazzling-colours pieces. Here are some of our favourite items to help you achieve this trend:

Saaga throws

Saaga Mohair Throws


Farrow&Ball Paint


Graden Birds cushion in Brights

Corona blanket

Boston Bean Bag








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