lighting - lampshades and lamp stands

Here at Warings, we pride ourselves in an exquisite lampshades and stands collection

The following are some of our top picks

lamp shade, mediterranean
This lampshade characterizes itself with a magnificient Mediterranean blue colour, adorned with people, ships and places. Its noticable colour is enhanced by the lamp stand which is made of carved wood. Ideal for any living space.


lamp shade, fish

What makes this lamp shade special is that its got interesting fish illustrated on it in earthy colours. It is definitely a way to give a quirky touch to any room in your home or office. This lamp shade also comes with a stand.


lamp shade, wool, grey

This grey coloured, checked shade comes in a set with a cinnamon stand. Looking modest, this lamp set can bring a classy touch to your living room.


lamp shade, lamp stand, typography

If you're local and love where you live, then this is the perfect lampshade for you. The typography on this shade is truly remarkable, being an exact map of Great Yarmouth District in Norfolk.


lamp shade, lamp stand, typography, postcard

Talking extraordinary typography, this vintage postcard lampshade is ideal for the traveller. It characterizes with a great colour scheme, which further establishes its unique look.


lighting - lampshades and lamp stands

This antique lamp stand with a linen shade appears simple but elegant. What is more, it looks beautiful next to our reindeer hide, complimenting each other on nuances and fabrics.


dragon fly, lamp shade, lamp stand

lighting - lampshades and lamp stands

Okay... we saved the best one for last. This is our personal favourite lampshade. The details on it are what makes it so special and appealing to us, with beautiful gold and green dragonflies illustrated on it.



*All of the lamp shades and stands, as well as additional accessories, are available for purchase on our website.